Natural Cure For Nail Fungus Right From Home!

A natural cure for nail fungus is used when a white or yellow spot forms underneath the bed of the nail. When acted upon quickly, the fight against nail fungus shall be minimal compared to a severe case that has been infected for a longer length of time without treatment.

Here are some examples of natural cures for nail fungus that can be done right from home:

Vinegar – By dipping a cotton ball into vinegar and then applying it to the affected area(s) of the nail. It is not recommended putting the whole foot into a pan of vinegar. Vinegar will rob the skin of moisture, thus causing more harm to another part of the body that wasn’t intended to happen. Nail fungus needs a certain PH balance to thrive. Once that balance is disrupted, nail fungus will start to diminish and results should be seen.

Listerine – This is applied basically the same as Vinegar would be applied using cotton balls. Listerine is known for it’s anti-fungal properties to begin with, which makes this an ideal solution for the treatment of nail fungus.

Vick’s Vaporub – Applying Vick’s Vapor rub to the infected area has known to reduce nail fungus and also show visible results within days.

Tea Tree Oil – This is an all natural cure for nail fungus that has been used by thousands of people for many of years. One product that has Tea Tree Oil in it as well as many other natural ingredients is Zetaclear.

One who experiences nail fungus can relate to how disheartening and frustrating this can be. Not being able to feel comfortable while wearing sandals or open toe shoes. Nail fungus is an infection that is curable. Some cases might take longer to show improvement than others based on how long one has had nail fungus.

There are other natural cures for nail fungus, but these are the ones that are the least harsh on the skin that can be performed right from home. Try any of these cures and when applied persistently  you should start to see improvement and positive results within days.

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