Foods To Eat To Grow Your Breasts

natural breast enlargementWe are what we eat and when it comes to breast size there is no difference. You can eat certain foods to grow your breasts naturally. Those are usually rich in estrogens and protelyosis so you do not need any breast augmentation surgery.

I am sure that after reading or hearing about the PIP implants scandals, many women are quite scared of doing breast surgery to up their bra size. Actually, there are certain things that will help increase your breast size one cup or two. Including rich estrogen foods in your diet is one of them.

What foods help your breasts get bigger?

Soy is the first thing to come to my mind when it comes to foods rich in estrogens that helps you get bigger breasts naturally. It should be used by any woman who experience a decrease in estrogen levels in their bodies. This usually occurs during peri-menopause and menopause. However, there are and other medical reasons why women may get low estrogens. So, learn to cook asian recipes and include soybeans and rice in your diet. You can also switch milk with soymilk.

Other foods that contain estrogens are rice, barley,wheat, rye(good for those with gluten intolerance)and dairy products such as cheese. These type of foods contain small amounts of phyto-estrogens whose chemical compund is closed to human estrogens.

Drink papaya milk

It seems that papaya juice mixed with milk can be very efficient in natural breast actives enlargement. You should drink one glass of papaya milk drink everyday.

Combine bromine and manganese rich foods

Foods containing bromine and manganese are also somewhat helpfull in growing your breasts naturally because together helps your body stimulate your own sex hormonnes. Bromine is found in fruits such as apples, pears, nuts. Manganese is found mostly in seafood such as prawns, various spices such as cloves and ginger, and wholegrain rice.

Other good foods from your kitchen that might help are:

  • turmeric
  • green tea
  • green veggies such as broccoli and spinach
  • olive oil
  • red wine (moderately)
  • whole grains instead or refined white flour
  • garlic
  • fennel
  • chinese chicken feet soup (this is good for bones as well)

Can soy cause unwanted health side-effects?

It seems that soy is present in many foods nowadays, so if you drink soy milk daily and also have soy food, it is easy to overdo your soy dose per day. This can cause hypothyroidism in some people and also can have the reversed effect on your breasts. Basically, after you have experience some growth of your breasts, they stall and not grow anymore.

You can help rich faster breast growth by using a breast enhancement cream such as Naturaful or other top rated breast enhancement products currently available on the market.

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