Hair Regrowth Products

First of all, you should be commited and have your maind set to do this. There are many ways to hair regrowth. You can try with some products, natural remedies, try with hair transplant and other ways.

With good hair regrowth tips, you can become healtier by changing your lifestyle and diet.

For everibody who has hair problems, it should be the first option to try natural ways to hair regrowth. Using good remedies like apple cinder vinegear, tea tree oil, saw palmetto and so on. Those herbs are not making miracles but they naturaly take care for hair and make it very useful to people. But you cant get the result by jumping from one product to the other. It is very important that we use some product for at least six months, but be carefull. Investigate first than go and try it.

The hair is made of proteins. That is why  we should have protein rich diet like brewer’s yeast, calves liver, wheat germ, also soy milk, yogurt, beans. Another important nutrient is silica whitch is added to shampoo externaly to hair regrowth (for already lost hair).

Recomended food for hair regrowth:

Brown rice, root vegetables, pumpkin, brown rice syrup, winter squash, whole grains, microalgea, nuts, seaweed (consumed daily).

Food you should avoid:

Fatty food, tofu, animal protein, sugar, salt, tomatoe, fruit – specialy citrus, cold food and drink.

Product for hair regrowth

Than, there are some products to help you out. Each of them serve its own purpose. We will talk about 3 natural products ;a shampoo, a nutritional supplement and a gel.

Those are some efective ways to hair regrowth.

  1. Ok hair shampoo – That is not  normal shampoo. It makes a foamfilled lotion all over your hair and your scalp gives more texture over hair and fight against dryness.
  2. Ok hair nutritional suppliment – Treats your hair from inside to outside. It causes providing amino acids, vitamins for body(scalp), minerals and other strengthments of your follicles.
  3. Ok hair gel – It stimulating your hair growth by revitalizing hair follicles. You simply let the gel on your hair and leave it there.

Some of the most popular hair regrowth solutions:

  1. Profollica – is one of the most popular hair regrouth formula in the market. There are supliments like shampoo and gel to stop hair loss and regrow your hair. Feedback from clients allover the world is very good so it could be one of the best products in the world.
  2. Nism biofactors – it is the oldest hair regrowth solutions in the market, and it has diferent approach than profollica. It is mixed by hair care and hair loss products together. According to feedback of users you should use it with product Provillus.
  3. Provillus – In internet, this is probably the most wanted product for hair loss because it’s effectiveness and price. It contains vitamins, minerals, herbs to prevent DHT making hair fall out. It contains also Minoxidil approved engredient, that have been tested to stimulate hair regrowth.
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